PIP DC’s Fall 2021

Mentorship Program

Students interested in applying to be a Fall 2021 Fellow need to complete and submit the mentorship application below by October 15, 2021.

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PIP Mentorship

PIP DC is spearheading an unpaid mentorship program for college seniors soon to enter the professional workforce. The mentorship program furthers the DC production community’s pledge for diversity and inclusion by providing Fellows from underrepresented backgrounds an immersive experience to network and develop the necessary soft skills to launch a career in the film and television industry in the greater DMV.

How it Works: Five Fellows will be paired with co-mentors: mid-career, senior management and network executives, providing a direct line of exposure and unparalleled access to working (and hiring) professionals. Fellows and co-mentors will meet bi-weekly for one-on-one conversations to gain an understanding of professional interests, provide industry insider information, and build personal rapport. The mentorship program goes beyond general filmmaking processes taught in standard university coursework, instead delving into industry-specific best practices in broadcast television and digital storytelling. In addition, Fellows will have the opportunity to attend a conversation series featuring high profile guests from all sectors of the entertainment field: development, field production, post production and network operations. Through scheduled activities, Fellows will foster professional relationships with their mentors and other participating Fellows.

When the mentorship program concludes, Fellows may have the option to be added to the DC Production Manager Listserv talent database, and have access to local production company and network contacts.